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A space to heal, feel and reveal more of the universe within you through a daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice with Amanda Norgaard.


THE PRACTICE includes mantras, meditation, asanas (physical yoga) and pranayama (breath work) as well as journal questions to integrate and deepen your experience. Kundalini Yoga is also called The Yoga of Awareness. By activating and expanding more of your life force and creative energy, Kundalini Energy, you’ll create more awareness, consciousness and spaciousness within your body/mind/spirit-system. This makes Kundalini Yoga a powerful and profound self-healing technology as a way to heal traumas, expand your subconscious mind, rewire your neural pathways and in return create a deeper experience of being alive, with presence, creativity, awareness, liberation, joy, pleasure, radiance, and prosperity.


THE PRACTICE by Amanda Norgaard has since 2020, served and supported thousands of women and men all over the world in awakening a greater human potential and an experience of inner freedom.


Whether you’re new to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation or already familiar with it, The Practice is a sweet and potent place to be supported in your everyday practice and evolution.

The pre-recorded material of The Practice makes it easy and accessible for you to join, at any time and any place.

Each Practice Includes:

_ a 45-60 min. kundalini yoga and medi practice

_ a new moon meditation + full moon meditation
_ OR guided meditation + Amanda's fav resources(newer practices)

 * You'll have one year access to your Practice.




If you're feeling like a JUICE CLEANSE, get THE PRACTICE – FULL JUICE :


A package of 5 (!!) juicy practices, which will slip into your private portal one by one over the next couple of months.


You'll get access to BRAIN JUICE and exclusive pre-access to CREATIVE JUICE, SEX JUICE, LOVE JUICE & BEAUTY JUICE, and be set for a juicy spring cleanse!



The Practice Collection is a collection of practices based on the 10 Bodies System which is one of the most ancient and profound aspects of yogic science, these practices will take your through a beautiful discovery and exploration of your Soul Body, The Negative Mind, The Positive Mind and The Neutral Mind.  

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