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I’m a practical dreamer. I’m wildly turned on by life and the yet-to-be explored horizons of our human potential. I consider myself an artist amongst many other things. But the thread of creating art out of anything I touch in life, is one of my greatest desires. Another desire is to share that art, joy and freedom with the world. From a young age I found myself battling a multiverse of anxiety, depression, exhaustion and lack of vitality as a result of PTSD. The pressure of the PTSD pushed me to pursue healing outside of the wound and outside of the conventional therapeutic structure. So I know what it’s like to not be in love with life. I’m not afraid of experiencing and witnessing the totality of humanity. My Northern Star, however, is that I know that we all have the potentiality to fall in love with life, to make it our finest and most vibrant art, and to move our desires and visions into reality. My own healing heritage has led me to study, practice and explore groundbreaking metaphysical healing and therapeutic modalities for more than 15 years. For the past 5 years I’ve carved out my professional path as a teacher, creative mentor and space holder to share and cultivate the alchemical space that is human evolution, awakening and healing. I don’t follow a step by step guide, nor will I ever claim to know the answer. My business model is maybe a little different and a little messier than what people would have advised me to. But if you’re here, I believe you’re for a reason; different, messy et al. 

I have an undying curiosity to experience, inspire and invoke our human potential. Who are we? Like, really, beyond and beneath the inherited pattering, the fear, the confined beliefs of the perceived status quo? Human beings are meaning-makers. It is my deepest belief and experience that life becomes deeply purposeful when we continue to evolve, unfold and enjoy the vital richness living inside of us. To bring our desires, visions, heart and authenticity into the world - by the act of deep, pulsating love - is the most meaningful impact one can make. As I see it; all great art, of whatever kind, started with a seed of wild and magnetic love and desire - I call it lifeforce, Chi, Kundalini, Vitality, The Soul. To assist you in becoming conscious of the blocking beliefs and fears that may be keeping you from moving your vision and desire to into reality and to connect with yourself and your life, deeply,  is one of my greatest professional pleasures. 

I’m a creator, a do’er by nature; I’m in love with exploring new ways of moving the world. On a micro and macro level. My writings are one way of metabolizing the inner and outer worlds I move through and enforce human connectivity and creativity. My teachings and mentoring are another way of doing so.  Illumination continues to be a metamorphic body of work, as I continue to transform with life. It really is a product of my own inner journey. I had a vision to create something that was equally as authentic and impactful as it was accessible, grounded and human. That is spirituality to me. I’ve never experienced spirituality as an isolated entity from the rest of my everyday life. Yes, I have a daily practice where I connect with myself; but I experience just as much sacredness, beauty and power by engaging with life in all forms, shapes and expressions. From storytelling, art, culture, human connection to psychotherapy, psychology, mystical experiences and mundane sacredness. And of course, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Illumination is a house of creation where everyone can join and experiment with their own dance and creative rhythm through deep healing, awakening of consciousness and creativity supported in a really tender and badass community. That's really where it's at for me; to share my part of the great tapestry with whoever might find coherence within the rhythm of Illumination.  Illumination is  a creative and healing mosh pit. A place that can serve us on the journey of tearing down the calcified framework so we may experience more life, freedom, joy, connection and more authenticity to help bring about a more expanded horizon as well as a greater depth within our own internal landscape that ripples through every room we enter. 

Big Love,




Amanda is the founder of ILLUMINATION; a creative house weaving poetic storytelling, healing modalities, spiritual practices and community together. A practical dreamer, with 15+years experience within the spiritual, creative and fashion scene Amanda continues to weave the worlds of art, culture and spirituality together with her poetic punk-rock approach. She is a Writer, Creative Director and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. 

ph: Janneke Hoevelaken 

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