I literally stumbled upon Kundalini Yoga and Meditation back in 2012, as I was walking down the streets of Soho. It took me another 4 years to yet again stumble into my first Kundalini Yoga class where I found my mind and heart being blown wide open. From the dynamic movements of the kriyas to the revitalizing pranayamas, from the sacred sounds of the mantras to the mystical meditations. All of them combined together felt like the key I’d been longing to find to awaken the truest part of me. I’d spent my late teens and early 20’s being a “seeker”. Yet before the seeking-excursion took flight, there was a call that started as a subtle whisper. I felt called to deepen my human experience and enter the drivers seat of this very experience. To turn to what was beyond the exterior world, the internal landscape of Love. Love, the interconnected web which lives and breathes within all of us, within all living entities. Love, with a capital L, as I say. And so, I stopped seeking, because I'd been here the whole time. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is one tool that I work intimately with to nourish and expand my human experience. It’s a powerful yogic technology to awaken our sacred energy and Love from which we can heal our beautiful nervous system, align our energetics and expand into a greater consciousness and creativity. All important components that make up our totality, so that we may enjoy, love and create our life from the deepest and truest part of us. I've personally healed, released, accepted, forgiven and grown through some of my darkest hours with the support of this yogic science. 

Kundalini Yoga is a study and an experience of our Energy, Frequency and Awareness, how to attune those to the Universal rhythm, and experience how they manifest through our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual forms. It is truly a profound mystical teaching that I honor and love very deeply. My own personal and professional work with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation continues to evolve, and so the work that I offer in the world and in this space will always be off my own continuous growth and deepening.

All I know is what I have witnessed within myself and the people I’ve had the honor to guide on their journey thus far. And what I have seen is this: the immaculate power of human beings, being, well, human. When we take full 

responsibility for our lives, have the courage to move through stagnant energy and outdated patterns of the mind and heal old fears by surrendering to Love, we become so powerful, radiant, loving, creative and abundant - just how we were intended to be this whole time. Just as we were this whole time. It is not a matter of bettering yourself. It is a matter of returning to your Original Self, that which is you, beyond time, space and identities.

In this space being Human is Simple, Fun and very, very Beautiful. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it hurts as hell, but that’s welcome too. There is nothing that The Center won’t hold. My greatest wish, prayer, intention and vision is to create sacred and creative spaces for you to enjoy and deepen into the totality of your human journey. May these spaces and this community give you the extra nudge of courage, love, energy and fun that you’re looking to awaken, so that you may remember who you are, and so that your soul may echo with love into eternity.

Thank you for being here. 

With love,




Amanda Norgaard’s work is rooted in the embodied human experience of living through the Heart. She’s a Creative Entrepreneur, a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Writer. She’s the founder of Illumination, a virtual house of creation for human beings to come together to enjoy, explore and deepen into all things sacred, beautiful and true about their human experience.

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