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moving visions into reality

An intimate, process-oriented and in-depth creative mentorship with Amanda. Designed and curated to support you at the place in life that you are at in this very moment. Unfold your internal horizon, break through the glass ceiling, ignite your creative genius and move your visions into reality. 











 In this mentorship we get down and deep; high and low, we ebb and flow through the seemingly mundane into the seemingly mystical. We investigate the untapped shores of your inner ocean and light the fire of your desire a new. We don't just dream; we practical dream. And we have fun while doing it! You won't (necessarily) leave with a 5-month action plan on how to build your 6-figure business; that's not my deepest intention with this work. My vision with PRACTICAL DREAMING is that you may enter your inner and outer world with a greater connection, intimacy, trust and confidence. When the inner world changes, the outer world rearranges. When you stop hiding; your people can find you. PRACTICAL DREAMING is a sacred pathway to access more of you and your human potential; your creativity, vitality and energy. This may all very well lead to a 6-figure business if that's what you're in it for. But it starts with you. To work with me on PRACTICAL DREAMERS there must be a readiness and a willingness to explore the chambers of your being to look beyond the horizon that you are yet to discover; an agility of the mind to stretch and expand beyond the known and a full body yes to take radical responsibility and start turning your wheels of your destiny. I'll be there but remember; nothing changes, if nothing changes. This body of work is definitely therapeutic, but I am no therapist. So if you're looking for a therapeutic form of support please consider a therapist instead. There is also an option to add 3 or 5 session with my hypnosis-therapist, Lucy Russell, shall you need this form of support during the mentorship. A new season of PRACTICAL DREAMING is set to begin in early-September! We are currently open for applications and will be reading through your answers all the way through June. I work with only a handful of Dreamers per season; I value and cherish your time, energy and investment why it's important to me that there is chemistry and connection between us in order for our work to unfold like The Lotus of The Heart. What more can I say than I love this work? To witness, explore and expand what is possible; realising the creative seed and power that lay within us all if we are willing to take the necessary steps and in that action; realise that this whole time, we were free. 


I'm excited to work with you <3 

Big Love, 



















"It has been a major privilege to receive guidance, reflections and creative resources tailored to my specific journey ~ a highly valued element is the reflection pod after each 1:1 sessions. I mean, having access to Amanda’s reflections and wisdom as a podcast is the greatesy tool to action and alignment ~ It has been a very safe, caring and professional joy ride  and I everyone facing a transition in life can benefit from this juicy program."  -  C, PRACTICAL DREAMER SPRING23

"Amanda has been a precious guide to finding myself again and allowing myself to be free from my own mind. To enjoy the beauty of life and give attention to even the smallest things that spark my eye, my heart so I can find clarity in my passion, vision and move it into reality at its own time. And let me tell you, It is happening now! 

What I love the most in Amanda’s way of mentoring is that it is not a “fixing” mentality. She hasn’t at any moment made me feel she was going to give me THE answer, on the contrary, with her dedication, care and wisdom , she is guiding me to find the answers within myself.  There’s an intimacy in our work.  Feeling held BUT really reminds me every single day that I am the captain of my own ship. I feel her presence and energy every single day. I like to stay away from labels, but man she is a true Witch!  A beautiful one."  -  J, PRACTICAL DREAMER SPRING23

"Working with Amanda reminded oh so much to The Fool's Journey (tarot). The Fool leaves his house and adventures into the journey of his life, for it is the path that will shape his character and will bring the jam from his soul. As we venture in the sessions, you keep feeling this accurate, subtle "on point" sharp as a knife intuition from Amanda. I've always wanted to work with her , cause she's a vast natural force to reckon and she will present you that to each meeting. It does not matter in which stage you find yourself in your journey, Amanda will pick up your hand and guide you through the ebbs of the subconscious and help you out on the ever present blockages you "believe" you can't go through... There's not enough words to describe the gratefulness I feel overriding my heart and soul through the course of this"  -  M, PRACTICAL DREAMER SPRING23




_ Two private consultations a month á 75 min. with Amanda (talk, sparring, personal astrology riff + practice) following The Practical Dreamers Protocol: Desire, Vision, Unlocking, Unfolding, Practical Dreaming & Moving Visions Into Reality

_ Each session is followed by a reflection pod; a personal voice note by Amanda, including channeled and reflective intel regarding the session as well as suggestions on how to integrate, investigate and move forward

_ Between sessions Amanda will prescribe creative resources, inspiration and invitations for you to reinforce and work deeper with the current themes you're moving through, all to be accessed in a private portal

_ Intuitive Astrology Mapping for the following themes 

_ A personal curated meditation pratice to support your work and journey


_ A guided hypnosis-meditation to unlock your subconscious landscape and integrate current themes, created by Amanda and certified hypnosistherapist, Lucy Russell

_ One monthly group session with other practical dreamers á 75 min. with Amanda

_ A private PRACTICAL DREAMING accountability group


_ Access to TWO rounds of THE MUSES for deeper accountability and creativity

_ Follow up call with Amanda 4-6 months after the end of your mentorship 

_ Optional add on hypnotherapy with Lucy Russell 3 or 5 sessions


The last 6 month I have been travelling with Amanda as a mentor, as a guardian, as that no bullshit rockstar she is. It has been some of the strongest experiences in my life. 
I will forever be thankful for going on this journey!


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