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In the celebration of spring we’re rocking up with a spicy daily practice. The HOT MAGIK practice houses some of our favorite kriyas and meditations; a kriya to enhance and connect with your innate creativity and the beloved and in-high-demand Sat Kriya. This practice is a total overhaul for your physical, mental and energetic bodies and will leave you feeling energized, radiant, vital and inspired by your own creative life force. If winter has sapped you from feeling tapped into your juiciest, sensual and funkiest self, this practice is the place to recalibrate.

This is HOT MAGIK.

​_ fertilize your creative soil; seed, grow and flourish your visions into reality. 

_ awaken a greater sexual, inspired and creative energy 

_ magnify and ground your auric field and experience a nucleus magnetism 

_ charge your body/mind/spirit with a greater vitality for optimized mood and health. 

_ tap into your juiciest, sensual and funkiest self

The Practice includes:


_ a 45 min. kundalini yoga and meditation practice 

_ a new moon meditation 
_ a full moon meditation

40 EUR


This is a relaunch of THE MUSES FALL 22.

This practice first appeared on THE MUSES FALL 22.

 * please note that all material is fixed and prerecorded. All sales are final. 

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