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When does The MUSES take place? 

The Program takes place in April, September and November. 


Can I sign up for all three programs?
Yes! Each program is uniquely curated and created. We’ll keep the theme of two coming programs a secret for a little while longer.

How long is each program and how is it designed? 

The MUSES  is a 6 week program with an additional 7 days of access after we finish, in order to catch up or deepen into any workshop or material. The MUSES is a balanced mix of live studies, social media interaction and self study with pre recorded material. ​Furthermore, every live workshop recorded and uploaded to a private portal, in order to accommodate every participant's time/space zone.

Where will the workshops take place? 

All online workshops will be held via Zoom. Links to access and replay the workshops will be available on the Illumination Portal via as well as sent out by email. Always remember to check your spam!


When can I join The MUSES?

You can join the program until one day prior to the official start date. Please note that it is not possible to join after this date - however you are always more than welcome to join the coming season. 


Who can join - do I need any experience?

The MUSES is for everyone who is curious and feels called to educate, expand, deepen and broaden their Human Experience, alongside a supportive global community. You don't need any Kundalini Yoga or other spiritual and/or healing experiences needed. All you need is an open heart and mind! 

If you’re worried about being in a different time zone, no sweat, all live material will be recorded and available for replay for 7 days after each workshop. 



How does The Practice work? 
The Practice is your daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice, including one practice video,  a new moon meditation, full moon meditation, journal questions for reflection as well as a mantra to integrate with your practice. As all material is prerecorded you can practice wherever and whenever you like. We suggest that you go ahead and try following The Practice for a minimum of 40 days to experience the depth of the work, however shall you do it once or twice a week that is potent too. You do you.

How long is my purchased The Practice available for? 

You have access to your purchased practice for a year. 

Can I sign up to all of The Practices? 
Absolutely. Each practice is unique, focuses on a special theme and an area of our human experience.  

How do I access my practice? 
Once you’ve finalized your order, remember to download your access code to your practice. You’ll log into The Practice portal, which will take you straight to your practice. 



What exactly is The Series? 

The Series is an in-depth class series, where you get to work hands-on and experience the vast teachings and expansive medicine that Kundalini Yoga has to offer and how to apply them in your everyday life. Each series is supported by a complimentary creative zine including practical tools and nourishing inspiration to deepen your journey with The Series.

How long do I have access to The Series? 

You have access to The Series for a year. 

Are there any live material on The Series? 
All material on The Series is pre-recorded. There will be no live material. If you’re interested in live teachings with Amanda check our The Program and The Immersion

Who can join - do I need any experience? 

The Series is for everyone who wishes to practice deeper with Amanda and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

This is a series of 4 hour-long classes, in which you dive into yogic teachings.

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