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"THE MUSES is like a creative studio, with all the tools and mediums you need to create with. It's poetry. An undulating novel with deep charachter evolution, revealing plot twists and surprise endings! The real juice is the connection to creative source Amanda's space cultivates. It guides you to the well, that you can return, to keep filling your cup."




APRIL 18 - MAY 29 2024






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A deep spring awakening into the sensual enjoyments and earthly delights of life. Get juiced up on inner and outer resources, understand your cosmic blueprint for generating income and abundance, break subconscious patterns and beliefs around worth and wealth and take a deeper home within your body.

From daily meditations and breathwork to support you in taking a deeper home in your body to subconscious reprogramming through daily journaling, to newfound kinship and expansion within the community and mastermind groups. Weekly futuristic education and practices with Amanda,  including but never ever limited to everything from creativity, spirituality, entrepreneurship, the subconscious, the mystical, the magikal and the punk-rock poetry of being human.


THE MUSES includes every aspect of practical tools, rich inspiration and true accountability you need to plug into your power, awaken your creative genius and take the small steps towards your big dreams. 

THE MUSES – MILK AND HONEY is ready to pour all over you.

Pick Amanda’s brain on unlikely entrepreneurship, building a company with heart and moving visions into reality. Drink up the futuristic education on abundance and wealth through the technology of Human Design and Astrology and get inspired in an intimate conversation with a founding woman who’s rebelling her industry. Expand in juice, sacred and mystical practices of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, for somatic release, inner resourcefulness, expanding your subconscious mind into a prosperity mindset and perhaps getting your million dollar vision? 


THE MUSES is a seasonal creative atelier & community founded by Amanda Norgaard, made for Rebels & Liberators, Muses & Creators, Movers & Shakers.

We do it differently here. Are you ready? 

THE MUSES is a spicy mix and dynamic mix of a daily Kundalini Yoga Practice, weekly live classes and lectures on Zoom with Amanda, experts and expanders on everything from neuroscience, psychology and astrology to finances and business. Resources for self-studies and structuring your visions in our exclusive workbook, accountability in a private group and daily inspiration and connection in our community channel! This is a studio for any dreamer, creator, lover and muse who's ready to stop making sense, move life differently and connect deeply with other creators from around the world.

NEXT UP:  APRIL 18 - MAY 29 2024

All sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live.

You'll have access to all materials for 10 weeks.




I love Steven Pressfield’s understanding of working with The Muse:


“This is the other secret that real artists know and wannabe writers don’t. When we sit down each day and do our work, power concentrates around us. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves. We have earned favor in her sight. When we sit down and work, we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come. Insights accrete.”


THE MUSES is a seasonal creative studio, a magnetized space for creation to flourish; from inspiring talks, to applied yogic science to futuristic education to doing the thing and illuminating where we are hiding so we can start living more fully. THE MUSES is an essential space for a gradual awakening so we can start leading life by our creative life force; our vitality, our desires, the intangible pulsations that make our heart skip a beat.  On THE MUSES we are not passively sitting around waiting for life to magically unfold before us ~ nothing changes if nothing changes ~ so rather we let the world reorganize itself around us by being so viscerally engaged with life itself, as a Creative Act.  




250 EURO

VAT calculated at the checkout

All sales are final and non-refundable.




THE MUSES includes:

A Seasonal Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Practice

your daily dosage of hot magik 

5 Live Lectures + Masterclasses with Amanda

60-90 min. in-depth lectures and Kundalini Yoga + Meditation


 Live Roundtable with THE MUSES

share, reflect and expand in community

Live Sessions with Guest Speakers, Experts & Expanders 

60-90 min. in-depth lectures, workshops and convos

Weekly Live Prosperity Meditation

lock in on your vision and move it into reality


a journal & self study book for the lover & the creator incl. prompts and action plans to start practical dreaming

Private ​Master Mind Groups for accountability 

private accountability group incl. networking and weekly action plans

A Community Channel

connection and inspiration with our global ILLUMINATION muses


Access to all live recordings for a total of 10 weeks 

integrate and revisit all the creative content in your own time



Invoking The Muse 


Masterclass with Amanda

 Lecture, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation _ Thursday April 18th _ 6pm CET


Being at the right time at the right place

Masterclass with Maike

 Sunday April 21st _ 6pm CET


Jupiter Kriya 

Community Lunch Break Meditation

 Thursday April 25th _ 1pm CET


Pattern of Possibility


Masterclass with Amanda
 Lecture, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Monday April 29th _ 6pm CET


Jupiter Kriya 

Community Lunch Break Meditation

Thursday May 2nd _ 1pm CET


Astrogeography for Abundance

Masterclass with Alyssa

Thursday May 2nd _ 6pm CET


Round Table

with Linda

Monday May 6th _ 6pm CET


Visions Into Reality


Masterclass with Amanda

 Lecture, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Wednesday May 8th _ 6pm CET


Jupiter Kriya 

Community Lunch Break Meditation

Thursday May 9th _ 1pm CET



Conversation with Montana

Sunday May 12th _ 9am CET


Jupiter Kriya 

Community Lunch Break Meditation

Thursday May 16th _ 1pm CET


Practical Dreaming


Masterclass with Amanda

 Lecture, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Monday May 20th _ 6pm CET


Returning Home to Your Body

Masterclass with Georgia

Sunday May 19th _ 6pm CET


Jupiter Kriya 

Community Lunch Break Meditation

Thursday May 23rd _ 1pm CET


Closing Call

with Amanda

Wednesday May 29th _ 6pm CET


008159400009_9A 2_edited.jpg

Amanda Norgaard

Amanda is the founder of ILLUMINATION. Amanda continues to weave the worlds of art, culture and spirituality together with her poetic punk-rock approach. She is a Writer, a Creative Mentor and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Amanda's Masterclasses are innovative, rebellious and deeply moving. Whether touching upon awakening a greater personal power, getting real with yourself, creating authentic relationships or starting a new career, Amanda's style of teaching is always dynamic, grounded and multidimensional. Expect a creative mosh pit of creativity and spirituality with a grounded, fun and human approach and that will leave you feeling curious, ignited and inspired


Montana Lower

Montana is an environmental engineer, artist, activist, devoted mother, and founder of 'Bluem' (Holistic Health and Wellness) the Australian natural skincare brand committed to rewilding the beauty industry to heal the people and the planet. Launched in 2020, Bluem's profit-for-purpose model combats climate change and fosters a connection with nature, inspiring change among Montana's 250,000+ conscious community. Montana's diverse journey, from environmental engineering to international modeling, has been enriched by her global explorations, exposing the realities of foreign trade and the dark side of the beauty industry. These experiences have shaped Bluem's essence, redefining the narratives of beauty and paving the way for truly sustainable skincare. Montana envisions Bluem evolving beyond skincare, offering sustainable self-care for everyday needs that are long term healing solutions, uniting self-worth and the well-being of our planet in harmonious synergy.


An intimate conversation between Montana, founder of bluem and Amanda, on the rebelling the beauty industry, moving visions into reality, womanhood and motherhood.

Maike Gabriela

Maike Gabriela is a Human Design Reader and Deconditioning expert supporting conscious people like you to find back to themselves and their purpose. 

Due to her understanding of psychology and deep knowledge of Human Design, she helps to solve self-sabotaging patterns and blockages so that you can pursue your true calling.

Since starting her business during the Pandemic in 2020 Maike Gabriela has had the opportunity to guide and read for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people from over 50 countries all over the world and all walks of life.

Helping her community when struggling with loss of direction, low sense of self-worth and struggling to make a mark, redirecting their energy to implement positive changes in their daily live to align energetically and start showing up more authentic in the world.


Being at the right time at the right place.

An introduction to the Variables in Human Design

In this workshop Maike Gabriela will break down how to align with one's destiny, maximize our potential and 

remove limiting beliefs and conditioning that has the potential of draining your energy and leading you away from your purpose. 

In this class you will learn to interpret the variables ( arrows) in you Human Design bodygraph.

27 (1).jpg

Alyssa Donato

Alyssa is an astrologer and guide that focuses on the astrology of place, or astrogeography. She works within the seen and unseen realms to support you on your cosmic journey throughout time and space. Inhabiting her Jupiter line. Alyssa is here to assist you on your journey of living in deep connection with the land. 

Astrogeography for Abundance

Inside this workshop, you will begin to understand the cosmic landscapes of astrogeography and how they relate to our journeys here on planet Earth. You will learn to navigate your unique chart and find your energetic signature for abundance. Through this practice of astrogeography we begin to open our awareness of our infinite potential as a bridge between the heavens and earth. 

Georgia Gibbs

Georgia Gibbs, is  a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, holistic doula and cycle awareness educator and her passion is to guide others back to our ancestral traditions so we can reconnect with our intuition & embody our highest vibration. 


Returning Home to Your Body

The workshop will be a short immersive into the world of returning home to your body through Georgia's three foundation approach:

- Ancestral traditions: Cycle awareness & connecting to the female intuition

- Ancestral nutrition, bioenergetics and food to fuel the female body

- Ancestral medicine, Chinese herbalism & using plants to heal


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