a 40-days online educational and awakening

program for women by Amanda Norgaard

Winter Program: Sold Out

Illumination will be back April 2022,

Registrations open March 1st. 

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When is Illumination taking place? 
The program happens four times a year following the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 


Can I sign up for all four programs? 
Absolutely yes! Even though the blueprint of the program remains the same, each program and season is uniquely created and woven together by Amanda and the team. We will work with the different energetics of the four seasons, cosmic events and flow of the Universe. 


How long is each program and how is it designed? 
Illumination is a 40 day educational program. The full program consists of a seasonal daily practice, four live workshops with Amanda, four live workshops lead by our four Illumination Teachers, self study with the Illumination Book filled with practices, rituals, journal prompts, words of inspiration as well as a reading list to take you deeper into your educational journey. 


Where will the workshops take place? 
All eight online workshops will be held via Zoom. Links to access and replay the workshops will be available on the Illumination Portal via as well as sent out by email. Always remember to check your spam! 


When can I join Illumination? 
You can join the program until one day prior to the official start date. Please note that it is not possible to join after this date - however you are always more than welcome to join the coming season. 


Who can join - do I need any experience? 
The program is for everyone who is curious and feel called to educate, expand, deepen and broaden their Human Experience, alongside a supportive global community. You don't need any Kundalini Yoga or other spiritual and/or healing experiences needed. All you need is an open heart and mind! 
If you’re worried about being in a different time zone, no sweat, all live material will be recorded and available for replay for 7 days after each workshop. 


How is Illumination different from The Practice?
The Practice is your daily Kundalini Yoga Practice, practicing and studying in your own time space. Illumination is a powerful and transformative educational program for the New Times - a mystic school for the modern days. 
During the 40 days you will be guided through the four essences in weekly live workshops by Amanda Norgaard and our badass lineup of teachers, thought leaders and healers as well immersing yourself in a daily Illumination Practice, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation taught by Amanda and juicy seasonal rituals curated by us. 

Illumination is a seasonal program, only running four times a year; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The blueprint of the program remains the same throughout the year, yet each program is uniquely created for the current season that we are in, in order for us to align with the Universe and Nature through our Body/Mind/Spirit. It will be a golden opportunity to deepen your connection with your Soul, your power and purpose and to start changing the world by being exactly You. Furthermore you will be part of a supportive and inspiring global community. 

If you’re a part of the ongoing The Practice and want to join Illumination as well, but worried about time you can always just add the meditation from your current practice to the Illumination  Practice. Both offerings are created by Women for Women, to make us live and lead from our most unapologetic Authentic Self.