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Amanda Norgaard as featured in press.

Current podcast features: 

Mood Lab

A Radiant Life 

The North Star

One Thirty Biohacks

SKALL Studio

"Amanda Nørgaard is a model, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, creative entrepreneur and founder of the spiritual platform Illumination" Read the full feature here

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"Living by her vision to create more love, connection, and joy - Amanda, cultivates ways through poems, creative expression, and Kundalini yoga to reprogramme the subconscious landscapes and understand the neuroplasticity of our minds to step into our authentic selves. Sharing her wisdom collected through her lived experiences" Read the full interview here


VOGUE Portugal

Read full feature here

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"We love her modern approach to wellness. Amanda teaches Kundalini yoga, and has been a model since her late teens working for brands like Prada or Chanel. A few years ago, Amanda developed her own company: Illumination. A blend of digital and real life programs & retreats.⁠" Read the full feature here



"Brightness in all senses of the word seems to radiate when Kundalini yoga instructor and creative entrepreneur Amanda Norgaard dives into the topics that she is so invested in – mindful meditation, yoga, and accessible empowerment from within." Read the full feature here

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