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 20TH - 23RD OF APRIL 2023


Sintra Mountains, Portugal


ILLUMINATION presents: THE VACATION, a sweet, deep and intimate retreat by Amanda Norgaard. A bespoke exquisite retreat reimagined. Artists, Dreamers and Witches in residence at one strange hotel in the mystical mountains of Sintra.

Floral air. Misty mountain. Life of Leisure. One strange 70’s hotel. Summon the Witches. Awaken the Dreamer. Unleash the Artist. Slow mornings. Hot coffee. Ripe fruit. The Sun also Rises. Punk-rock poetry. Ancient practices on sacred land. Unlock deep, sweet, healing energy. Siesta by the pool. Lazy reads. Long naps. Warm skin. Melted Hearts. Stolen flowers. Natures embrace. Secret Disco. It’s raining Stars. Creativity rising. Be for the sake of being. Live for the sake of living.

On the weekend of the New Moon in Aries, April 20th - 23rd 2023 we are back in residence at our favorite, strange hotel, Marqì. A 70’s dream, tucked away in the mystical mountains of Sintra, Portugal. Only a 45 minutes ride from Lisbon but timelines away from the buzz. We’re taking you on a deep, sweet and intimate journey through your sensory system, earthly delights and sensual vitality of Portugal. Dwell in beauty, poetry and nature's embrace while awakening a greater connection to your creativity, body and inner vision. A vacation for the Mover and the Shaker, the Lover and the Creator, for the Artist and the Muse within.


Our days on THE VACATION are the perfect balance of inspiring and awakening practices, soothing meditations, sacred sound journeys, mystical ceremonies spiced with a high dose of fun, chill and siestas by the pool. Drink the coffee and hang with the sweetest and coolest crew of women or roll solo for your afternoon naps, reads and journaling. All morning are spent in silence to give room for a greater intimacy and reflection to arise.  At night we dine, wine and dance under the stars or sit around the fire while the shooting stars greet us goodnight. Life well-lived. Life well-loved. This is THE VACATION. 



_ 3 nights, 4 days

_ Full Accommodation

_ 6 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Masterclasses with Amanda

_ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner *with veggie/vegan options

_ Water, Coffee, Tea ad libitum

_ Meditation adventure to sacred land

_ New Moon in Aries Ceremony

_ Special New Moon in Aries Sadhana

_THE VACATION gift spread, €700 value

_ The sweetest crew of women and witches



€ 2,100 (incl. 25% VAT)


€ 2,800 (incl. 25% VAT)

One strange hotel Marqí nested in the mystical mountains of Sintra, Portugal.


Non-refundable €500 deposit required to reserve your spot. 

Please download and read through THE BROCHURE carefully before reserving your spot.


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