Sintra mountains, Portugal

Illumination The Vacation, a sweet, deep and intimate retreat with Amanda Norgaard. 

An exquisite retreat reimagined for the idle seeker and leisure lover of all things true, good and beautiful.

Floral air. Misty mountain. Life of Leisure. One mystical hotel from the 70’s. Long, slow mornings. Hot coffee. Ripe fruit. Journaling as the Sun rises. Ancient practices on sacred land. Unlocking deep, sweet, healing energy. Deep breaths. Siesta by the pool, lazy reads and naps. Beach walks. Salty hair. Warm skin. Melted Hearts. Dried flowers hidden in books. Group hugs. Group heals. Creativity rising. Abundant meals grown by solar energy. The Vibration of Laughter and Liberation. Dinner and Dancing under the Stars and into the Equinox. Leaning in. Receiving. Be for the sake of being. Live for the sake of living.

THE VACATION will take residency in the mystical boutique Hotel Marqì in the fairytale-like Sintra Mountains in Portugal for a long Indian summer weekend. Our days are filled with a perfect balance of Being and idle Doing.


Daily kundalini yoga and meditation, sacred sound journeys, chakra activation, slow, silent mornings, time for contemplation and reflection, meditative adventures to nature sights, pool hangs, group hugs, beach trips, daily siesta, an abundance of food, dinner parties, dancing under the stars.

An immersion of presence, laughter, life, love, joy, vitality and community. 

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