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A supportive, relaxing and regenerative practice for Mama’s to be and Mama’s, especially for the newborn mama’s. A gently energizing practice to soothe your nervous system, ignite your vitality and rewire subconscious programming, for a deeper joy and state of consciousness. This is a shorter practice to accommodate your time/space/energy, and it can easily be modified to suit your schedule. 


A daily practice to:

_ soothe and ground your nervous system

_ gently tap into your vitality 

_ balance your hormones

_ heal and treat self sabotage with love and gentleness

_ fill your day with a moment of self reverence and gratitude

The Practice includes:

_ one 35-45 min. daily kundalini yoga and meditation practice video

_ one new moon meditation 
_ one full moon meditation
_  reflective journal questions 
_ mantra to integrate with your practice

 * please note that all material is fixed and prerecorded. All sales are final. 

40 EUR

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