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Saturn Return is a powerful astrological transit when Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born. Right now Saturn is in Pisces; so if you were born in the Spring of 1993 till June 1996, you're probably going through a major transformation and inside-out-soul-journey. Check out your chart here and look for the placement of your Saturn: Saturn Return sometimes gets a bad rep but don’t fear your Saturn Return! I've personally found that after having just entered my own Saturn Return that the real good times are just rolling in, because I don't find myself giving a fuck about what other people might think of me. I'm just doing my thing and having fun while doing it. Nice, right? This is a metamorphosis fiesta; time to get real and self-reliant! I've created this practice to serve you up some hype during this powerful window of time! This practice will support you as you go through the maturing and growth, the lessons of Saturn are here to bring you. Let’s rock and roll!

The Practice includes:

_ A Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice 

_ A guided meditation to REMEMBER WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE 
_ Amanda's favorite Saturn Return Resources 

40 EUR

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 * please note that all material is fixed and prerecorded. All sales are final. 

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