A Ripple of Creations

"When we become more present with the world we move through,

the world that moves through us, becomes more present with us."                                                                                                    - Amanda Norgaard


The word ILLUMINATIONS came to me, as so many ideas does after meditation and during my daily journaling. For a while I'd known that I wanted to create an umbrella for my teachings, in which we heal, awaken and strengthen the most important part of our Self; those of Love, Wisdom and Courage. I believe ILLUMINATIONS came to me, because to me that is what this whole journey of becoming is all about; illuminating parts of ourselves that are still in the dark, by leading them out into the light. When we illuminate fear, anger, grief and karmic pattering we are taking full charge of our experience and life, by digging into something that lay deep within our subconscious mind and bringing them before our Conscious mind in order to feel it, heal it and no longer be a prisoner of it. It is my own personal experience that in order to really get to that sweet spot of peace, joy and abundance we first and foremost must work towards Freedom of Mind. What is that? It's definitely not an everlasting zen-experience, however I do believe that we each moment have the choice to choose Peace over Fight, Love over Anger, Abundance over Lack, Forgiveness over Resentment... you get the picture. To me, that is Freedom of Mind. The choice to be Free in any given situation, is the choice of an illuminated soul. Because within this choice is a deeply anchored knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, the Universe is providing for you no matter what challenges you may be facing. This is the teaching I keep coming back to, over and over again. When I am in the dark, I remind myself that I have the choice to lean in and trust the wonderful energy that runs through this Universe, myself included. I can trust myself, and I can trust my Soul that it has the intelligence to discover and experience the situations I find myself in, in order to learn deeper, grow wider and expand in totality. My own experience continue to fill me with gratitude, humility and wonder why it is my greatest wish to serve and guide others into their own experience of Freedom of Mind and Illuminations. With Love, Amanda.


  • ILLUMINATIONS is created to guide you and your unfolding journey through various online and in-person offerings by the use of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Self-Psychology and Radical Self Love. 

  • ILLUMINATIONS THE PRACTICE is your 40 Days Daily Kundalini Yoga Practice guided by Amanda Norgaard. The Practice is your easy, everyday toolbox that will serve you a daily dosage on connecting deeply with yourself before entering the outside world. This is your mental multivitamin for absolute vitality, joy, freedom and radiance in heart/body/mind/spirit. That's the energy we want to bring out into the World! Read more and join The Practice here

  •  ILLUMMUNATIONS WOMEN'S DAY a local gathering in Copenhagen for Women, working with powerful modern spiritual teachers and healers for a truly empowering holistic education on Self and The World. Join us during for the first time during the Fall Equinox! Read more here.



  • ILLUMINATIONS THE SERIES in this immersive online series where Amanda will guide you through a profound holistic awakening journey of getting radically real with yourself  in order to utilize, share and enjoy your illuminative vision, talents, grace and good with the World. This is a 4-part Online Series created to take you deep into the subjects on Self Initiation, Self Healing, Self Love and Self Mastery. The Series is for anyone new or known to Kundalini Yoga, who wishes to go deeper on the path of Self Discovery and Liberation. ​Read more and sign up here!

  • ILLUMINATIONS THE JOURNEY is taking the Self Discovery journey to the next level through the Online Program. A modern vision on how to continuously heal, feel and free yourself and the World by sharing and expressing your unique talents and gifts. Launching in 2021.