The Practice is your easy, everyday online journey towards more joy, healing,

radiance, miracles and alignment with yourself and within your life.

We start a new cycle of The Practice each 40th day.

Every practice has a life of its own, with a different theme and focus point, to deepen and heighten your experience. That's why we practice the same yoga - and meditation set  for 40 days in a row.

According to ancient traditions it takes 40 Days to rewire a pattern.

The Practice is about starting your day by connecting deeply with yourself.

When you make some time in the morning or during the day to clear your mind, move stagnant energy through the body to enhance your creativity it will leave you feeling energized, joyful and united in your heart/body/mind/spirit.


Once you've purchased your chosen practice you'll download and receive log in information to access

your practice video for the next 40 days.  You don’t need any yoga experience to join

The Practice, all ages, gender and fitness levels are welcome. If you love the yoga set or meditation, please feel free to continue doing them after the 40 days or jump on a new round of The 40-days Practice. 

Let's go deep!


Got a minute? We've got something for you. Enjoy the free content with some of

Amanda's favorite quick energy boosting pranayams, mind-altering meditations, and revitalizing kriyas. 

​Activate your Vitality, Expand your Consciousness, Open up Your Heart, Tune into the Prosperity Frequency, Clear Your Mind and Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest! 

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