A deeply empowering and awakening gathering for Women from our Community from all over Europe.

Illuminations - A Womens Camp is a unique chance to immerse Yourself in ancient Women’s Teachings

and Kundalini Technology with Amanda Norgaard, alongside a wide range of Guest Teachers and

Healing Artists and evolving Community from all over Europe.

Join Amanda Norgaard and Friends for Our First Women’s Camp ILLUMINATIONS in the Sacred Land of Småland in Southern Sweden at Ananda Mandala Yoga Center from 20th - 23rd of August 2020.

Schedule Example (*subject to change)

3.45 - 6.30 - Sadhana with Angie

7.00 - 8.30 - Breakfast 

9.00 -11.00 - Kundalini Morning Class and Lecture with Amanda 

11.30 - 13.00 - Creative Embodiment with Gry Emily

13.00 - 14.30 - Lunch 

15.00 -16.00 - Forest Excursion and Meditation with Amanda 

16.00 - 17.00 - Reflection and Integration time

17.00 - 18.30 - Creative Embodiment with Gry Emily

18.30 - 20.00 - Dinner 

20.00 - 21.00 - Meditativ Facial with BareOrigins 

21.15 - 21.45 - Sound Healing with Dorothea

You’re in a for a treat, not a retreat

Join Amanda Norgaard and Friends for the first ILLUMINATIONS Women’s Camp in the Sacred Land of Småland in Southern Sweden at Ananda Mandala Yoga Center from 20th-23rd of August 2020. ILLUMINATIONS Women’s Camp, is a 4-day, 3-nights gathering for Women Only, in the most nurturing and healing land protected area of Sweden, just a 3-hour train ride from Copenhagen. 

This Weekend is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in your own and the collective Feminine Energy experienced through different healing modalities such as the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, and Creative Embodiment alongside with a conscious and creative community of Women. There is nothing more powerful than Women healing, connecting and creating together. This why we gather! This Women’s Camp is presented and curated by Amanda Norgaard, who is deeply devoted to lead Women and Men back to their own innate love, power and wisdom. Amanda Norgaard teaches Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and has for many years been studying and working with a wide range of healing modalities  such as Western/Eastern Astrology, Kundalini Yoga and other branches of Yoga, South American Shamanism and in-depth Spirit work.

A Women’s Camp is not a retreat; Amanda Norgaard has curated an powerful team, lineup and schedule of Women and a healthy dosage of deeply transformative experiences and healing techniques. We will rise with the Sun, practice, learn, release, heal, chant, expand and experience the totality of our Illuminated Beings and Earth. This is Community! 

Find your way to Ananda Mandala (*make sure to read the information thoroughly) 

Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat Center in Höghultström is situated in the north Western part of Småland, between Åseda and Virserum, 70 km north east of Växjö.  

At the international yoga center you will experience Småland’s beautiful and unspoiled nature of a preserved forest, lakes, sauna, sweat lodge in the summer, a great nature and a silence you rarely experience elsewhere.  


If you need any help, please reach out to Frederikke


By car: 

Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat Center

Höghultström 2, 

360 70 Åseda, Sverige


Default Address on Google Maps:,15.4569151/@57.249286,15.456915,9z?hl=da-DK 


By train

  • The train to Sweden goes directly from Copenhagen Central Station to Växjö Station in Småland, Sweden 

  • A  private bus will pick up everyone arriving by train at Växjö Station. The bus will be at the station until 16.30 (4.30pm) and arrive at Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat Center at 17.30 (5.30pm)

  • OBS! Please make sure to arrive at Växjö Station on time by booking a train that arrives no later than 4pm. 

  • The Opening Ceremony begins at 18.00 (6pm) 


By air and train: 

  • The easiest and fastest way to get to Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat Center is to fly to Copenhagen Airport. 

  • The train to Sweden goes directly from Copenhagen airport to Växjö Station in Småland, Sweden

  • Depature CPH Airport 13.22 / 1.22pm

  • Arrival Växjö Station 15.47 / 3.47pm

  • A  private bus will pick up everyone arriving by train at Växjö Station at 16.30 (4.30pm) 

  • The bus will be at the station until 4.30pm and arrive at Ananda Mandala Yoga Retreat Center at 17.30 (5.30pm)

  • OBS! Please make sure to arrive at Växjö Station on time by booking a train that arrives no later than 4pm. 

  • The Opening Ceremony begins at 18.00 (6pm) 

Departure on Sunday

  • Our closing ceremony on Sunday ends at 12pm (noon) and departure around 12.30 (12.30pm) 

  • The privat bus will drive you to Växjö Station arriving at 1.30pm

  • We will recommend you to book a flight in the evening around 19.00 (7pm)

  • The train goes directly from Växjö Station to Copenhagen Airport. 

Train tickets:

Train tickets can be booked on the app or the website


It’s all happening

We will start off the weekend blessed by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th of May. Scorpio brings forth powerful transformation and deep-rooted healing of the Unknown. What does that even mean? Well, safe to say this weekend is initiated to be a powerful metamorphosis for all of us. We will get up before dawn and chant till the Sun rises, followed by our first Kundalini Session that will open up our energy channels to receive a Higher Love, moving into into our primal Creative Embodiment, connecting with our physical body and generating more Creativity and Joy, later we will bring the power of Community and Prayers into the forest when we bless, pray and meditate with the Forest and receive Her Blessings. The Codes of Light and Sound will take us on a Journey through the Cosmos, to anchor us in our hearts, and take us into the Ethers. Real self-care is an important part of the Camp to, at night we will draw some extra loving attention to our bodies through a Meditative Facial with herbs, flowers and organic product, Sauna and Lake Dips! 

Our physical, mental and spiritual bodies will be treated to three Organic healing daily meals, all-vegetarian (vegan options available*) for grounding and revitalization. There will be daily time to reflect and integrate, so don't forget to bring your notebook, your favorite energy tools and an open heart. 


All you need is You (and then some)

No Kundalini Yoga or any other Yoga experience is required. This Camp is an open invitation for any woman, at any age and stage of life, who feels called to deepen their experience of themselves, activate their innate creativity, magnetize their radiance and soar in a strong Community.

“Illuminations is a created as a living tribute to every Woman and her unique genius, innate wisdom and beauty. I believe the world needs Women, now more than ever to live and lead from their hearts, sing the song their soul always wanted to sing, radiate their beauty out into the world and uplift the world through a strong community, where Women can inspire one another and create miracles together by the power of Love, Peace and Liberation.” - Amanda Norgaard.

The Teachers

Amanda Norgaard, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Founder and Creative Director of Illuminations. Amanda Norgaard will guide you through soul-awakening Women's Teachings, revitalizing Kriyas and deeply Healing Meditations to open you up to Love, Magnetism, Joy, Creativity and Prosperity


Dorothea Barth, Sound Healer, Artist. Swedish Native Dorothea Barth is an LA-based Sound Healer, Artist and Wisdom Keeper. Dorothea works with the codes of love, light and liberation through Sound. She will be leading immersive Sound Journeys throughout the weekend.


Gry Emily, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Life Guide. Gry Emily has over two decades of experience working with holistic healing guiding Women trough physical, mental and spiritual healing. Gry Emily will lead us through a profound Creative Embodiment, that will take us deep within our  innate creative power.


Angie, Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Kundalini Yoga Teacher and founder of Sat Nam Vintage. Angie will be teaching a special class on royal radiance and will be on-site selling our favorite vintage pieces from Sat Nam Vintage at The Illuminations Camp Shop.

BareOrigins, Farm to Face, Active Botanical Skincare. A deep dive into your inner beauty through a meditative self care practice. With presence and focus we release judgment around our outer appearance embracing complete self acceptance and love.


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