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A 4-part class series to tap into the totality of your vitality. An energizing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Spring experience with Amanda to support the gentle release of winter throughout the Body/Mind to welcome the new VITAL and creative energy of Spring/Summer. In the series we’ll dive into the yogic teachings and practices that were divinely designed to support our most VITAL Body/Mind in order for us to thrive, enjoy and bring life to all our greatest visions and hearts desires. In the The Manual you’ll find some of Amanda's favorite VITAL tools, practices and personal recipes that can easily be integrated for a more VITAL life. For ultimate health, joy and creativity. 

The Series includes:
_ 4 prerecorded Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes with Amanda á 45-60 minutes

VITAL classes: inside/out glow: lymphatic system cleanse, digesting stress: nervous system tune up, thriving: immune system support, rest and rejuvenation: sweet rest and vital relaxation. 

_The Manual: VITAL edition.

An in-depth manual creative manual including Amanda’s favorite practical tools, recipes and nourishing inspiration to deepen your journey with The Series.

88 EUR

All sales are final and non-refundable.

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