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THE SERIES — BUSINESS is a fun and futuristic approach to your professional life and creative vision. This 4-part class series is an in-depth study and practice on understanding and mastering your energetic makeup, innate creativity and self-generated magnetism. Whether you’re employed, a freelancer, an entrepreneur or a human with a really good idea, THE SERIES is a versatile accelerator to begin moving your visions into reality. 


THE SERIES is a place to tap into your poetic and creative potential. In this series you’ll explore yogic teachings and how to apply them in your professional life for the most exalted experience. In The Manual you’ll find some of my favorite BUSINESS tools, practices and insights that are easily integrated into your everyday life.

THE SERIES includes:
_ 4 prerecorded Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes with Amanda á 60 minutes.


-MODUL I potential, prosperity, patience

MODUL II  chi, creativity, courage 

MODUL III nervous system, numbers, neutral mind 

MODUL IIII aura, attitude, altitude 


An in-depth 30+ pages creative manual on all things business and beyond to deepen your journey with The Series.

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