Tales of Vacation and Prosperity

My total adoration and obsession with vacation began when I moved to New York at 17.

I went from living in the attic at my family's house. A bright open space where dark, teenage poetry covered the part of the walls that weren’t tapestered with books and indie movies. When I spontaneously moved to the States after debuting at an even more spontaneously successful international fashion week I brought just a few things from my teenage room. A room my mom kept as an untouched shrine for another 4 years until my younger brother begged to become the next resident. As he moved in he kept the dark poetry on the walls but added his own graffiti art.

When I made the move I packed the essentials. I rolled up an Andy Warhol poster that I’d bought at the Moderna Museum in Stockholm on a school trip a few years prior. I stacked my suitcase with the most important books and movies; The Dreamers, Last Tango in Paris, the Sex and The City-box, My Summer of Love and Superbad. I gladly paid the extra weight.

I packed the escape wheel of a clock and two large ancient film rolls. Actual film rolls. Both which I’d hoarded from an abandoned biology classroom at my highschool. I still have the escape wheel and the two film rolls on my bookshelf which is still the most debated item at our house. Loved by me, not so much by my partner who doesn't get my nostalgic and weird attachment to these two plastic rolls. But that’s me. I’m sentimental at heart. And I’ll stand up for the things I believe in. Film rolls and freedom alike.

So as I moved out of the attic, the annual vacation with my family became a sacred time to be together. To really be. The days were, now compared to my new life, comfortably predictable. Breakfast was mostly kept in silence as my younger siblings still awoke from their slumber, the morning air thick with humidity and the smell of coffee. The days were spent by the pool or by the beach, reading and drifting in and out of different states of consciousness. Perhaps due to a slight sunstroke. This cycle was only to be interrupted by lunch or dinner. I felt and lived like a Hemingway book.

The first many years of my life I didn’t travel much. My father, though an avid traveler for most of his life, didn’t have the money to take us traveling as I was growing up. My mothers then-husband disliked traveling and exploring new places as much as he disliked anything new and exciting the world had to offer. I on the other hand was yearning to explore the world. It instilled an insistent impatience within me. The longing to grow up. Because that’s the thing with being a child; to a certain extent you’re confined to the choices of your caretakers. I knew that right there on the other side of the riverbend of childhood was a new path calling my name. A life where I could travel all the worlds I knew were waiting for me to explore. To bathe in the scents of morning jasmine, coffee and spices. To dwell in mystery and history whispered through the ancient walls. Like old friends calling my name, the world was calling me. My mom remarried a man who loved dad-rock as much as I did, who’d laugh at my jokes and who, luckily, loved all the new and exciting things this world has to offer. Traveling included. But my yearning for adventure had come to stay. So when I started making some money on modeling, I’d use the little leftovers I had to travel. A ticket to travel was essentially why I leaped into modeling to begin with. Modeling jobs and travels are far from glamorous. Everyone in the industry knows that. Usually you get to see very little of the places you visit. Literally crack-of-dawn-call-times, long working hours and the earliest flight out the next day, doesn’t allow for all that much leisure. But it gave me the opportunity to travel, almost, as I pleased. Including taking weeks off for vacation with my family.

Prosperity is a vast and highly personal experience. We can’t help but face our programming when we enter the work with prosperity. It’s healing, revealing and liberating. A lot of us walk around working towards an idea of prosperity, call it societal conditioning, only to realize that that was not where it was at, at all. So what is prosperity to you? Our Earth is innately abundant. And so are we. How can we begin to attune our sensory system to a more exalted experience of exactly that? To experience your own internal abundance, prosperity and potential is to experience that of the Earths. And vice versa. Perhaps, our irrational need for consumption will lessen when we’ll know true prosperity at (in) Heart. That’s why I wanted to create a new daily practice for you to explore, deepen and experience that embodied prosperity that is always and already available within you. A megawatt joyride of a Daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Practice for Embodied Prosperity. Awaken, activate and amplify the multidimensional expressions and experience of all things prosperity in your life, as within, so without. The life that lives within and around us is so very rich. We touch, impact and create our external landscape that is off our internal landscape. So let’s get real. What does prosperity actually mean to you? To me it’s a technicolored landscape; the feeling of experiencing that infinite potential and possibility. Presence and Freedom. Joy. To feel my Soul soar in my cells with creativity and life force. To be surrounded by so much love and relationships that I have poured my energy and heart into. To wake up and do a job that is deeply meaningful to me, and to others as well. To be human. With all of it.

I always reconnect to that deeply felt frequency of prosperity and purpose after a vacation.

I emerge with a deeper understanding of how I intend to lead my life and my business alike. With presence. With peace. With gratitude for the little things; for the first coffee of the day, the city waking up and the untapped unknown. I am the main writer of my Destiny. I feel so grateful to have built a life that I don’t need a break from, but the love for adventure is undying. Traveling and vacation will always be one of my favorite ways of experiencing prosperity. Creating THE VACATION felt like the most abundant and purposeful job to do. To extend my prosperous love for the floral air, the misty mountain, the life of leisure and journaling as the sun rises. To practice ancient practices on sacred land. To unlock deep, sweet, healing energy. To lay idle and lazy by the pool. Reading poetry while the sun kisses your skin. And melting your heart. Pressing flowers between the pages of your book, save them for a rainy day. Receiving. Being for the sake of being. Living for the sake of living. And from that nurtured soil of yours, experiencing a profound creativity, prosperity and vitality rising. If THE VACATION is calling you: call us! We’ve got only two spots left. Take a look at our pleasure-filled brochure to get the vibe of the vacation, visit our website or take a peek at our retreat residence: Hotel Marqí

See you in space and/or under the sun.

With Love -