I’m so excited to introduce a new monthly collection “What Moved Me”: An expansive collection of anything and anyone that has moved me the past month, that hopefully will ripple through the hearts of many within and beyond this wonderful community.

With Love,



The documentary “Jane” follows Dr. Jane Goodall, on her first trip to Gombe, Tanzania. At 26, Jane Goodall was sent to Tanzania to study chimpanzees; an historical event. Jane had no degree or formal studying besides her innate and deep interest and love for animals and apes in particular. Her mentor believed that the freshness and her non-science-conditioned mind would make her a better candidate to truly observe and understand their behavior. Jane is a living example of how courage and following one's deep calling is the catalyst for evolution and transformation.


As we’re closing the first Illumination Program Womanhood of the year, I’ll continue to listen to the tunes that I wrapped the month of April in.

I love creating playlists that take you on a deep inner journey but also make you dance simultaneously. In April I’ve listened to less mantras as I’ve been going back to my roots; indie sleaze (if you know, you know) My boyfriend and I watched The War on Drugs in the beginning of the month, our first concert in 2 years. I forgot how much I missed the distinctive smell of red bull, beer and emotions, or bumping into people while we’re all trying to somewhat dance to not-that-dancable-music. Best Nighthas been a catalyst for growth and internal deepening over the years. Because that’s what music or any form of art or creation does; it moves us, deepens us, opens us. But “Burning” burned bright for me and my heart in April.


The Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist

In March I had a ping to begin to understand money from an energetic and soulful intent. Yes, money is energy, frequency and so forth yet I felt a deep call to explore, well The Soul of Money and that’s when the book of the same name landed in my lap. Through her job as fundraiser Lynne Twist shares her story on the Soul of Money, scarcity and sufficiency. What truly moves me while reading the book is that Twist challenges the lie of scarcity and argues that awakening to true self sufficiency of being enough, having enough and giving enough are the true internal key for a deeply fulfilling, meaningful and abundant life. Sometimes I find that prosperity teachings, lectures and books are still driven by this deep state of scarcity, that we need more in order to become more. As the book quotes: Money flows through us like water. At times like a raging river, and at other times it’s a trickle.


I’ve got my hands on Moon Juice Magnesi-omm and my life, if not changed, improved drastically. I’ve been laying off the supplements for years, after I OD’ed on the raw vegan movement in New York back in the early 2010’s. But as of late I felt called to reconcile with the world of supplements, and invite them back into my life based on what my body (I) was asking for specifically. Ashwaganda and magnesium were the two friends that my body called up which makes a lot of sense, as I am tending to my nervous system more than ever. It’s important to me to buy supplements of the highest quality that are also ethically sourced. Moon Juice ticks the box. Besides my nervous system thanking me every day by granting me better sleep, rest and calm powers, the little menstrual cramps I’d still experience from time to time have completely vanished.


If you follow me on instagram you might have already listened to this podcast after I shared it on my stories. I adore Elise Loehnen’s podcast “Pulling The Thread” for so many reasons. Elise invites a great variety of people, especially women, who are deeply embodied and lived-in-experts in their area of expertise. This episode opens up an important conversation and meditation on responsibility for self, internal structures and the language that we use, which in return shapes our reality… and sooo much more.


Okay, let me just rebrand the relay you may have with sardines and introduce you to Sardines Bruschettas … It’s Spring time, it’s fun, vital and full of new energy. This recipe is my main sidekick to any dinner party I host and it can convert even the most sardine-skeptical person in the room (that used to be me btw) Here’s what’s up:

Makes 6-10 bruschettas

Half a baguette, thin to medium slices and lightly toasted

One can high quality sardines, with or without bones

Aioli, either pre-bought or DIY (i.e. mayonnaise mixed with 1 or 2 garlic cloes and a tiny bit of dijon mustard)

Two handfuls of parsley, chopped

½ cup capers, roughly chopped

1-2 shallots, finely chopped

Lemon, squeezed and juiced.

Mix parsley, capers, shallots and lemon in a bowl. Taste with salt and pepper.

Place the toasted baguette slices on a serving tray. Layer them with aioli, sardines and with the parsley/capers mix on top. Serve. It’s delicious, but it might be messy. Enjoy!


Last but not least. I had the pleasure to hold space for such a beautiful group of women on our first Illumination Program of the season: WOMANHOOD. We began our journey on the new moon in Aries, and will close the circle in a few days on the new moon in Taurus. Sitting in circle together for a month is as expanding as it is intimate, uplifting as it is grounding and I’m so deeply moved by the work that we’ve done together, and the raw power of courage and vulnerability emanating from this group. Holy guacamole, my whole heart just tripled in size. The next program begins September 1st. For now the rest will remain a little secret until we open the doors for registrations July4th. You can join the waitlist to be the first one in the know.