Life is creation, ever changing, uncertain and really promises us nothing but life and death; the rest is space for us to fill in. Uncertainty can through one lense, let’s call it fear, seem like the scariest thing you could ever encounter. Like an earthquake it could swallow up the ground beneath you and leave you only with the road less traveled in return. Yet, through another lense, let’s call it Love, uncertainty can be a vast sea of infinite possibilities. The space of Aliveness and Creation. And due to the nature of uncertainty, you, only you, get to give it a direction and see what boomerangs back from the great Unknown. I recently began to re-dedicate myself to relate and magnify my own, people’s and the world's adequacies rather than the perceived inadequacies (which will appear at a constant if you look hard and long enough) and guess what? The inner and outer world become so much sweeter, simpler and gentle through the eyes of love. With room to breathe. And space to be. All of you. All of me.