Bringing the polarities into a balance.
The Sun/The Moon,
I am not what I know or what I think I know. I know nothing.
Clean slate. I am left with my Being.
This Being is beyond the Known, vast and very still.
There is Space,
there is emptiness,
no seperation,
it echoes “Liberation”
I practice detachment before I go to sleep.
Every night I let go of what I think I am, know, felt and experienced
to the point where I am nothing but vibrating consciousness.
I dream of Tigers,
and Salvation
it echoes “Liberation”.
New Month, New Me, Right?
Or just same Old Me, actually becoming more and more Me.
With a few placements in air signs and an inborn curiosity for seeking,
I continue to Seek Less, but Seek Deeper.
I repeat, there is nothing outside of Me,
all is Within Me,
This is my constant revelation,
that echoes “Liberation”.