Leo Season and Cosmic Boogie

I begin this letter on July Wednesday the 27th. One day before the New Moon in Leo spiced with a heavy-hitting Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction. My time off is almost over, and July went swift and as God/Universe/Her Majesty wanted it; always messed with my initial plans. I’m beginning to truly understand that one of my great master teachings in this life is that I can absolutely not foresee, control or dictate anything. In a world where we’re deemed successful when we reach our intended goals (whether professional or simply pleasurable) and flaky when we don't, I continue to learn as I detour. Living it up to the societal idea of success is not the life I came here to live. I know what gets me going. I’m about the Love. The Liberation. The Spark. The True, Good and Beautiful. That’s my jam. And though July brought less Enrique Iglesias than first intended I’ve been moved and touched by Love and Life in newfound ways.

A week later I continue to compose this letter: It’s Leo Season and we’re in the window of, in certain circles, the highly anticipated Lion’s Gate. Leo is all about the Heart, man. It’s easy to think that Leo shines for the sake of flashy, but if you watch “Halftime” on Netflix with my fellow Manifesting Generator, J-Lo, who also happens to be a Leo you begin to understand that what shines through the glitter, the gold and the kapooow is that bombastic Heart Energy. In yogic science we say that the Heart has the power of 108 suns. Conventional and Curious science are confirming that the electromagnetic field is also a few thousands times more powerful than that of the brain.

The Heart is the reigning throne of Love. Love is the highest measured frequency of the planet. Yet it’s greatly misunderstood, as the Leo archetype tends to be. If you’ve practiced and studied with me throughout the years you most likely have had one of those heart opening experiences. And if that is the case, you know it’s not just about being all warm and fuzzy. It’s also that. But it’s something quite different too. Even just writing about it I feel a stream of energy moving through me. To turn our attention to Love, is not about avoiding or neglecting that which is not of love. It’s actually the exact opposite. I keep saying this , because it continues to be my own deepest experience. When giving into Love (which at times looks and feels more like being stretched from all corners of your being), that very Love will illuminate everything that is not off Love. Our deepest-rooted fears, anxieties, wounds and fill in the blank will eventually surface. That’s where the liberation begins. The awakening. The eternal lesson is that when we sit in Love there is no dragon, no abyss, no eye of Sauron that we can’t face no matter the degree of discomfort.

When I began to take intuitive notes from The Muses, I knew I wanted to incorporate even more space to feel into what we often think of as the sticky, the icky and the murky. The subconscious programming, the shadow and the trauma responses. That which Love brings to the forefront when we begin to move our Body/Mind/Spirit in new, wondrous ways.

To me it’s the highway to Heaven. I get why there can be an adversity towards these words. Many think of shadow work as a navel gazing practice as a way to continuously agitate the wound. This is everything but my experience. It’s within these profound Heroine's Journey, the feminine and internal principle to The Hero’s Journey, that I resurface with a newfound clarity and intel around my Human Potential and Purpose in this life. And how to extend it to the world. My side effects of this kind of work have been experiencing a newfound vitality, aliveness, joy and a relief in realizing to never take anything personal, not even my own narrative. I really wanted to create a body of work that felt equally fun, igniting and delicious as profound, revealing and healing. A place to be seen in the fullness and richness of our humanity; powerful, vulnerable, open. A place to boogie with the Cosmic Disco, the Healing Tunes, and all of the groove that makes us Human. And to bring exactly this to the table of Human History because we’re all a part of a greater symphony. Together we can create the most beautiful harmony when we begin to attune our instrument to the frequency of Love. My vision and prayer is that The Muses may serve you in the most exciting, igniting and expansive ways; a Creative and Awakening Container to support your ever-unfolding human journey, to deepen each moment with such profound presence that the Beauty and Joy of Life reveals itself to you on each step of the way.