July is the month of retreat and vacation for me.

I grew up in the North. So long, rainy days curled up in bed with a pot of Earl Grey (milk on the side) watching indie and coming-of-age movies from Blockbuster back-to-back bring me as much Summer nostalgia as sunburnt days by the beach does.

And reading. Oh reading. Not just books. But anything. Newspapers (local as national), magazines (new as old), back of the (oat) milk carton, books, rules of a board game I already know but for the love of #words, flyers for exhibitions I rarely get to see anyway. I’ll read anything. July is usually also a month I devote myself to a serious *digital detox* or as I like to call it: back to reality. Or back to reading.

Oh the vast lands and addictions of the digital space, a serious dance of polarities and Mixed Emotions. If it wasn’t for the digital platform I wouldn’t have gotten to connect and know all of you. The broadened space and horizons that the interweb provides us, is truly a magic wave to surf. Online programs and gatherings have been on the rise the past two years as true lifesavers for those of us who faced serious lockdowns and loneliness. But, because there is always the but. As July approaches I’m feeling the annual yearn to check out, marinate, simmer (sounds like a BBQ-recipe, I know) and return to idle, simple living. Sleep-in, slow days, not knowing what’s going on in the curated lives of millions of other people besides my own and the characters in my books. After my vacation ends, inspired and ignited, I always say: Why don’t I bring more vacation-energy into my daily life and work? Ask and you shall receive. My unintended prayer was answered when an opportunity to create my first retreat came through. I felt a yearning to look into your eyes, hear your laughter and stories (I’m not a fan of the “mute” button on zoom), chant mantras together, breathe together, expand the Love together, feel that connectivity tissue flow through us all, share beautiful meals and all the hugs.

The Vacation Muse flowed through me and whispered to me; share your love for vacations with the women. Show them how to chill and have a really good time. Create a space that feels like a gigantic hug. Together with my amazing team, I’m creating the most nourishing, rejuvenating and poetic retreat experience for women. A space. A pause where the sweetness of life is magnified and multiplied with love. Where you get to hang out with your Soul, your Heart and the Soul and Heart of other beautiful Women as well. 4-days where all you really have to worry about is whether you want to lay by the pool or read on the beach? Coffee with or without milk? Where the sun greets you most mornings, but in the case of rain we’ll have a pot of Earl Grey ready for you. Where the grass grows wild beneath your feet, the mountain air caresses your lungs and the wild ocean reminds you of your own greatness. There’s something about the space in between. In between being and doing. In between summer and fall. In between inhaling and exhaling. In between is where Life arises anew. In between is where it’s at. A moment to lean in and let Life move through you in new, unhindered ways. With a side of the hottest vegetarian food, a badass group of women and a whole lot of Kundalini Yoga to support your Soul, Heart, Inhales and Exhales.

This is The Vacation.

And if you, like me, like to read everything, here's a few *suggests* on *the digests*

First up:

The Vacation Brochure

- a pretty sweet and sensory experience to give you a little tease on the amount of juiciness you’re in for.


On vacation we read… fiction

The Garden of Eden _ Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is not only my number #1 style icon, he’s also one of my favorite writers of all time. The Garden of Eden encapsulates everything I’m looking for in a summer read: tales of travel, food, wine, menage-a-trois with an edge of well-written culture loftiness.

Bonjour Tristesse _ Françoise Sagan

A forever summer classic. Especially if you like me, turn un petit peu francophile during the summer. Bon Voilá. Excuse my french.

The Napoles Quartet _ Elena Ferrante ‘Twas the Summer of 2016 when I swallowed the Naples Quartet in South of France, Naples and Panarera. And learned that being human is unique, yet a very universal experience that within every human heart holds the potential to feel the polarity that is life and still create beautiful art out of it. ‘Twas a good summer.

She Came to Stay _ Simone De Beauvoir I began reading Sartre at the age of 12 (which might explain all the heavy-healing-lifting I had to do since) but I fell in love with Simone 10 years later. Literary and not literally speaking that is. This one (and The Woman Destroyed) is amongst my favorites.

Journey to the River Sea _ Eva Ibbotson I read this book 20 years ago, during an especially rainy vacation and the journey through the Amazon jungle was the perfect escape room. Children’s books, just like children, are so full of wonder and remind us what it means to be human.

The House of The Spirits _Isabel Allende

My mom grabbed her worn-out late 80’s edition from the bookshelf one summer when I told her: “I want to read something real. About love, spirits, human beings, drama and foreign lands.” I was clearly suffering from a serious case of teenage-ennui. Anyways, so good I read it twice. And one of the books I’m definitely rereading this summer.

Sous le soleil & debaixo do So -