We are living in times of rapid change. As a modern person, living and working in the modern society we are exposed to excess amount of information and energy, and many of us believe that we have to hustle and suffer through this crazy thing called life, in order to “make it”.  However we are in the middle of the birth of a new age, and in order to truly access and utilize this cosmic energy that we are we need some practical tools to strengthen our nervous system, vitalize our physical body and connect intimately with our Original Self. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is an ancient Yoga practice. With the combination of Mantra, Meditation, Pranayam and Physical Yoga, we work, heal, revitalize and expand our soul and physical body, mental bodies, and energy bodies. In other words, this is a highly efficient, healing and profound practice that everyone, young and old,  with or without any yoga experience can benefit from. Wether you’re looking to gain more energy in, heal self-limiting patterns or get more creative with your life, the Kundalini Technology is a great toolbox tfor the modern householder, who as a part of society often has to juggle private, personal and professional life but who still wishes to enjoy the virtues of the modern world. You don’t need to meditate in a cave for years to be enlightened, nor do you need to spend thousands of dollars to get that “glow” or let go of your earthly life to experience heavenly peace. It’s all within you.

That is the experience that I personally keep coming back to. I have witnessed the immaculate power of human beings, being, well human. When we take full responsibility for our lives and have the courage to move through stagnant energy, clear outdated patterns of the mind and heal old fears we become so powerful, radiant, loving, creative and abundant - just how we were intended to be this whole time. It is not a matter of bettering yourself. It is a matter of returning to your Original Self, that which is you, beyond time, space, roles and titles. 

This is why I, like so many, fell in love with the Kundalini Technology and Yogic Science, as a true liberating modality where each practitioner is the force behind their own healing and awakening. You can practice it anywhere; in your house, at work, on vacation or when you travel. And more importantly, you are the one doing the work. You are the one chanting, moving the energy and the body. When we take responsibility for all the facets of our life, we simultaneously take back our power. Nothing is outside of you, it is all within You. 

In these times of rapid speed and information, it is crucial that we become increasingly sensitive as this is the true intelligence of this new age, with a strong nervous system to navigate with. If our inner guidance system is off-road,  we can easily become lost in the whirlwind of technology and information. And technology is here to stay. It is time to be The Masters of Your Own Destiny. It is a great honor to be practicing, studying and teaching this powerful yoga to all of you.

With love,

Sat Nam Amanda