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COPENHAGEN | December 17th 2023, 10am-4pm

For one day only we are bringing the creative studio and community of

THE MUSES to an in-person event, in Copenhagen. 

A creative muse-in-residence experience to expand and exalt you into a new era!

Sunday December 17th 2023 @10am-5pm


THORSGADE 59 4tv FLOOR, 2200 N.

Join Amanda and THE MUSES on a Sunday in an artist's loft surrounded by art, books and candlelights during the time of the Winter Solstice. This time a year is filled with mystery, magic and momentum for manifestations.  This is the time to set the frequency for a new era and move your visions into reality together with Amanda and THE MUSES.

Ignite your creative powers and get clarity on your visions and desires in powerful and revitalizing Kundalini Yoga + Meditation classes with Amanda.

Use the Winter Solstice window to hone in on your visions for the new year during a creative visualization journaling workshop followed by a panel talk on expanding your professional life through structure, strategy and the subconscious mind.  This is spicy!


No previous experience needed.


180 EUR

All sales are final and non-refundable.




Invoking The Muse

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation with Amanda Norgaard


Matcha Break 


Moving Visions into Reality 

Creative Visualization Journaling with Amanda Norgaard


Lunch Break 


Practical Dreaming

Structure, Strategy and the Subconscious Mind

with Jade Caron & Amanda Norgaard


Hang and Chat



Beaming The Future

Meditation with Amanda Norgaard


The end: Kiss and fly


about Amanda

Amanda is the founder of ILLUMINATION; a creative house weaving poetic storytelling, healing modalities, spiritual practices and community together. A practical dreamer, with 15+years experience within the spiritual, creative and fashion scene Amanda continues to weave the worlds of art, culture and spirituality together with her poetic punk-rock approach. She is a Writer, Creative Director and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

meet Jade

Jade Caron is a dedicated advocate for creative entrepreneurs and founders, guiding them to effectively organize, structure and scale their businesses. In her work, she allies her methodological and critical thinking with her connection to creativity. Motivated by the desire to blend her analytical abilities with a keen sense of creativity, she sought to meet the needs of her creative entourage who were in search of guidance in turning creative concepts into tangible projects. Today, she has a portfolio of clients within the realms of mindfulness, creative arts, and ethical fashion, with whom she collaborates closely to offer guidance and support in navigating the complex needs of their growing businesses.


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