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The Practice is your online daily practice. A journey towards more joy, healing,

radiance, miracles and alignment with yourself and within your life.

Welcome back to The Practice 2021.

Here's what's up: Each 40th day we begin a new The Practice, a daily journey with Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Breath, Meditation and Movement guided by me, Amanda Norgaard, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Poet and all-around-creative entrepreneur. The Practice is a prerecorded video of all of the above, making it easy and accessible to practice in your own time/space, no matter what your schedule and timezone looks like. As you join The Practice, you become a part of a growing global, authentic and powerful community of Women from all over the world, practicing, radiating and expanding together. By the end of each cycle we connect with one another on The Practice Call, a complimentary community call.

The new energy of 2021 calls for an opening, a deepening and evolution of our Body/Mind/Spirit. All year we will dive deep into the studies of The 10 Bodies System, one of the most ancient and profound aspects of yogic science. Understanding, commanding and mastering your 10 Bodies System is not only a powerful,  but also a most necessary asset in your embodied awakening journey. There is nothing more important than learning, understanding and mastering one's own energy  and how to utilize it for a greater Creative, Loving and Healing Impact. Each one of you have something so deeply unique to offer this world, and it all begins with You in You. The Practice is here as a tool of loving and honest service, to bring you closer to what is already within You, as You.

As a new offering you'll be able to purchase The Practice Collection; The Practice Collection is the full annual The Practice experience, gathered under one portal. So wether you're joining in earlier or later in the year, all material will be available once a new cycle is released. When you make some time in the morning or during the day to connect with your soul, clear your mind, move stagnant energy through the body you'll leave with a deep feeling of newfound energy, clarity, purpose and communion within your heart/body/mind/spirit.

Thank you for Being here,

So much Love, 



One The Practice Video, a prerecorded video á 40 -50 minutes uniquely created for the current cosmic times incl. a lecture, mantra, pranayama, physical yoga and meditation.

Unlimited access to your purchased The Practice

A monthly special New Moon lecture and meditation 

The Practice Call. A monthly virtual community call with Amanda Norgaard.


An hour of Group Meditation, Lecture, Evolutionary Astrology Forecast, Sharing and Q+A

and a special introduction to the upcoming cycle of The Practice. 

Once you've purchased The Practice you'll download and receive the log in information to access your practice video. You don’t need any yoga experience to join The Practice. All ages, gender and fitness levels are welcome. If you love the yoga set or meditation, please feel free to continue doing them after the 40 days or jump on a new round of The Practice. 

Let's go deep!







When can I join The Practice? You can join the current cycle as long as it's available in the shop. Don't get fooled by the official launch day. Whenever you start to join that's your starting point. Meaning someones day 20 can be another ones day 1 of The Practice. Our doors are always open for new people to join in. 

Why is there only one practice available at a time? Each practice cycle is carefully created in alignment with the Cosmos. We'll be working with themes, kriyas and meditations that are amplifying the current collective energies which can help assist our growth, expansion and healing on a deeper level. 

What is The Practice Collection? The Practice Collection is the full collection of all The Practices throughout 2021. This is for the new practitioner who's curious on the past practices or for anyone who just want all The Practices under the same roof. Do note, that we only launch one practice cycle at a time, so you won't have access to any future practices until they have released all around the site. 

When is the best time to practice? The best time is whenever suits you! Everyone's energy, lifestyle and schedule is so different, so you do you. If it floats your boat to get up at the same time and have a very regular routine with The Practice go do. If you're more going with the ebb and flow of your day, you might practice in the morning one day and in the evening another day. The Practice is for you and you only, there are no external authorities judging or deciding what's the right thing to do. This is intended to be a daily medicinal moment to reach and connect with You in You. 

Do I need any yoga or mediation experience to join? Absolutely not! This is for everyone who feel called to deepen their relationship with their Soul and rise up into their innate power and beauty. Any physical limitations can always be modified by the practitioner themselves.

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